Side-by-side with timelessness, the premises of sustainability is present in everything we do. we support production and the local economy. from design to production, without forgetting packaging and transportation, concern about the well-being and preservation of the environment are two constants of and are part of our dna.


Tradition, Mastery and Quality

We are not wanted by international name brands, just because yes. The importance and relevance of portugal in the industry and textile production sector is undeniable. Although we are simple and (oftimes) discrete, we are masters and "doers" worldwide recognized, whether for the excellent quality of the materials we develop, or for the careful and minute way we produce.

Based in the north of portugal - the cradle of the national textile industry, at we know it like no one. We maximize and echo this advantage. We want to amplify it and say it loudly to all the world. We support the economy and local production, we work daily so that our parts are produced with the best materials and by the best producers. to guarantee unique quality and result.


Timeless Design and Durability

Based on the creation and development of pieces with simple and timeless lines, made in high quality materials, naturally everything we do is designed to last. Although we are a “ready-to-wear” brand, we produce our pieces in small series, or upon request. We are not a fast-fashion brand and we do not make parts that last a season and then end up lost in our closet.

We exist to create wardrobe essentials. We know and we work so that a piece purchased now is in good condition and can be used in 5, or 10 years. Don't lose form and don't be irrparently damaged. Which even gains an intrinsic value with time, this new synonym of wealth and luxury, which also gives quality to what we do and makes our products premium and high-end.



Non-disposable boxes delivered at home with style, Care and Safety​

We would not be able to self-title a sustainable brand if we are not concerned about the transportation, shipping and distribution of our parts. We have made a comprehensive survey of suppliers and logistics partners who, like us, are governed by a “green” motto, concern and take care of people and are synonym of professionalism, safety and trust.

We think every day how we can reduce our environmental footprint and how can we – consciously or unconsciously – our customers do it too. whenever possible, we send our products in recycled and recyclable packaging. But what distinguishes us is presentation, style, quality and the durability of our mailboxes.

We could simply do it in recycled boxes, produced with environment-friendly materials with low environmental impact, but we prefer to do it in special and premium boxes, which are premiumly as our image and one brand are premium. Packaging that in addition to carrying a “special” and even “precious” product – and that has an extra added and emotional value for it; can be re-used for years and always stay fine. anywhere or situation.